Going Where Others Do Not

Our business is to develop, manufacture and commercialize specialty vaccines that address emerging and recalcitrant global health threats. Our independence and size also allow us to serve narrower market segments.

We firmly believe in the power of vaccines to improve public health. PaxVax focuses on specialty vaccines that address infectious diseases that other large, diverse pharmaceutical companies have overlooked.

Our size, independence and focus allows us to pursue specialty vaccines in areas where few or no vaccines currently exist, and which serve narrower markets that large pharmaceutical companies are less willing to support.

That’s why we have invested in specialty vaccines like the ones we have for typhoid and cholera, which were cast aside by more broadly focused pharmaceutical companies, to ensure their ongoing availability.

Our commitment to addressing overlooked infectious diseases has led us to take an active role in the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI), a new, public-private alliance designed to help prevent public health emergencies and contain global epidemics.