We’re pleased to announce that Emergent BioSolutions will acquire PaxVax to unite the two companies. The companies have a shared mission to protect against emerging and overlooked infectious diseases. Read here for our full announcement. https://t.co/7zn4RCv854

Congratulations to our CEO @NFarzan for his recognition as a member of the 2018 @PharmaVOICE 100! #PharmaVOICE100 https://t.co/v3Z9LiDKWJ

[email protected] reports that over 2000 people in Pakistan have been infected with drug-resistant typhoid in just the past six months. Read more about the need for better sanitation as well as vaccinations as ways to prevent the spread of drug-resistant typhoid: https://t.co/QZQ8qQaHtk

2018 has already proven that infectious diseases have no regard for geographic and geopolitical barriers. Read more about PaxVax CEO @NFarzan's stance on the importance of learning from emerging epidemics to inform preparedness and vaccine development. https://t.co/1SRfAl9xL1

In an effort to be more cost efficient and due to a decrease in Zika cases in the United States, the @US_FDA has revised their Zika guidance from August 2016. https://t.co/RntLd52PU9

PaxVax CEO @NFarzan discusses how PaxVax is overcoming challenges to development vaccines for overlooked diseases such as chikungunya. https://t.co/8TiJQX5BjI

New research shows that 80% of cholera infections are linked to the first case of the disease from the same household. Read more about why controlling the disease in households is crucial to managing the spread. https://t.co/qz5gbJ5oFL

[email protected] issues travel notice alerting individuals of an extensively drug-resistant typhoid fever outbreak in Pakistan. https://t.co/szN1BYYxZq