Vaccine Formulation Scientist

Product Development

San Diego, CA

Summary Description
PaxVax is looking for a Vaccine Formulation Scientist who will be a key member of the Product Development team and report to the Director, Product Development. The successful candidate will work as part of a team that is focused on the development of vaccine formulations for liquid and powder dosage forms from preclinical through Phase III and commercialization. The main responsibilities will include the design, execution, and documentation of experiments to develop formulations for clinical supply production and to scale up these processes to enable transfer of robust processes to the commercial space. This position will be focused on the development of oral dosage vaccine formulations and performing stability indicating assay for research, preclinical studies, and clinical studies. If you're a talented, driven postdoctoral fellow who enjoys working in a fast paced team environment and learn new skills quickly, we have a role for you.


  • Lyophilization of  vaccine product
  • Spray drying of vaccine product
  • Liquid formulations for vaccine product
  • Fill Finish process development and formulation development
  • Find novel excipients / technology to stabilize vaccine products
  • Perform assay to screen formulation
  • Write reports and summarize the data  
  • Write proposals to develop novel formulation for vaccine stabilization and commercialization

Qualification Requirements:

  • 4 – 6 years or more of experience in the formulation field
  • PhD degree in chemistry, biochemistry or a related field
  • General knowledge and / experience with lyophilization or spray drying, including techniques to examine residual moisture and the physical properties of lyophilized  or spray drying formulations
  • Cell Culture and cell based assay experience is a plus
  • Understanding of molecular interaction
  • Understanding of the drug product manufacturing process and scale-up considerations
  • Experience designing, executing, and critically interpreting results from experiments
  • Strong organizational and technical problem solving abilities
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Record of successful publication