Scientist, Process Development-Upstream: San Diego

Scientist, Process Development-Upstream: San Diego
Process Development
Summary Description: 

The Process Development Scientist is responsible for process development and technology transfer to clinical manufacturing team of PaxVax’s various viral and virus-like-particle vaccine program, which includes suspension cell culture in bioreactor, viral amplification/virus-like-pariticle transient transfection, chromatography purification and diafiltration/ultrafiltraton, lyophilization processes. This position reports directly to the director of process development and production.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities: 

The candidate will be in a process development and clinical manufacturing team. The candidate will focus on the development work of upstream cell culture and virus amplification/virus-like-particles transfection with disposable bioreactors, and support downstream purification with Chromatography method.

  • Develop and optimize the cell culture parameters (for various cell lines) and nutrient requirement in shaker flasks and disposable bioreactors (10L, 50L and 200L) for mammalian suspension cell growth for Virus and virus like particle production.
  • Develop and optimize the viral amplification/virus-like-particle transient transfection process to maximize the yield.
  • Develop and optimize the microfiltration process to concentrate the cells for viral amplification/virus-like-particle transient transfection.
  • Use DOE software to design the experiment, analyze the results for the virus/virus-like-particle yield improvement.
  • Write technical reports and transfer the method and work with clinical production team to support/generate the SOPs/batch record and produce the clinical trial materials.
  • Support investigational new drug (IND) chemistry-manufacturing-control (CMC) section writing.
  • Support downstream purification team for the development work (tangential flow filtration, anion exchange chromatography purification and sterile filtration) and clinical trial material production as needed.
  • Guide/train junior level associates
Qualification Requirements: 
  • Minimum of 5 years’ relevant industry experience with a M.S degree or 2 years’ experience with a Ph.D. degree.
  • Master or Ph. D of Science/engineering in Biology, chemistry, chemical engineering, or related discipline is preferred
  • Team player and quick learner

Technical Skills and Knowledge:

  • Cell culture experience is necessary.
  • Bioreactor experience is necessary
  • Design of Experiment (DoE) is necessary
  • Electroporation experience is preferred
  • Anion Exchange Purification experience is preferred
  • Diafiltration/Ultrafiltration experience is preferred
  • Good data anaylsis skills
  • cGMP experience is preferred
  • Molecular biology and virology knowledge is preferred
  • Good aseptic techniques
  • Good writing skills