PaxVax is an independent vaccine company with a robust pipeline and commercialized products, focused on specialty vaccines that protect against overlooked infectious diseases.

Our Mission

PaxVax is a leading independent vaccine company devoted to developing and commercializing specialty vaccines that protect against existing and emerging infectious diseases.

We provide effective tools for health care providers who serve the 100 million people per year who travel to countries where these diseases are present.

We have achieved groundbreaking milestones, commercializing vaccines for typhoid fever (Vivotif®) and cholera (Vaxchora™), and have a robust pipeline with vaccines at various stages of preclinical and clinical developments for adenovirus, chikungunya, hepatitis A, HIV and Zika.

PaxVax mission

As part of our social mission, we are also committed to making our vaccines available for use for the developing world to protect against endemic infectious diseases and ensure we can increase access to these vaccines for the people who need them most.

Founded in 2006, PaxVax is a privately held, fully integrated vaccine company, headquartered in Redwood City, California, with sites in San Diego, California and Bern, Switzerland.