PaxVax Executive Team | Vaccine Experts and Innovators

Our Executive Team champions every aspect of PaxVax’s business and is comprised of seasoned vaccine experts, leaders and innovators who are committed to making a safer, healthier world.

Nima Farzan

Chief Executive Officer & President

Mark Meltz

Executive Vice President & Chief Business Development & Legal Officer

Philip Moody

Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer

Jonathan Smith, Ph.D.

Executive Vice President & Chief Scientific Officer

Marc Gurwith, M.D.

Executive Vice President, Scientific Affairs

Lisa Danzig, M.D.

Chief Medical Officer

Martin Dearden

Vice President, Quality

Kurt Reichen

Vice President, Technical Operations

Britt Huber

Vice President, People and Organizational Development

Tom Yonker

Vice President, Project Management

Jeremy Gowler

Vice President, Global Commercial